Thursday, February 16, 2017

Two New (Or Not So New) Translations of Tsukuru Tazaki

I wanted to announce two translations of Tsukuru Tazaki into Asian languages, which I have missed before.  One is a translation into Malay by Togari Yasuki and Ali Alman Mazwin, published last year by Buku Fixi, an independent publisher founded in 2011 by film director Amir Muhammad.
The title in Malay is Tsukuru Tazaki tampa warna dan tahun-tahun kembara, which, according to Google translate is a literal rendering of the Japanese title.

Another translation worth noting, also of Tsukuru Tazaki, is that into Vietnamese, by Uyên Thiểm. According to, the book came out in October 2014 from NHI Nam. The title, Tazaki Tsukuru không màu và những năm thing hành hương, also appears to be a faithful translation of the Japanese title.


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