Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Serbian and Italian Covers, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Slovak and Slovene Translation Rights

A Serbian and Italian covers of Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki appeared on the website of Curtis Brown Agency, the agent representing Murakami in Europe.  The Serbian publisher is Geopoetika and the book will released in December in Nataša Tomić's translation (one of the very few announcements so far that include translator's name!). The Italian translation (which for some reason used the reading "Tasaki," instead of "Tazaki," in the title) will be translated by Antonietta Pastore and published by Einaudi Editore in March 2014 according to "well-informed sources"  (http://www.bibliotecagiapponese.it/2013/11/27/murakami-e-lincolore-tsukuru-tasaki-e-il-suo-anno-di-pellegrinaggio/).

Also, Hebrew (Kinneret), Slovak (Slovart Spol), Lithuanian (Baltos Lankos) and Slovene (Mladinska Knjiga) have joined the list of languages and publishers who are foreign translation rights holders. 

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  1. I have just read the Serbian translation (went out 5 days ago in Serbia) and i must say that this is maybe his best novel. Natasha have don a great job in translating the work, as always. Very tense and powerful, every chapter opens more questions than it answers. I identified with main character many times. Murakami thank you for another great novel !