Monday, April 24, 2017

Other new or not so new translations

I think have never mentioned Latvian translations on this blog before, but Murakami has been published in Latvia by Zvaigzne ABC since 2004 and from the very beginning has been translated directly from the Japanese!

The first Latvian translation was A Wild Sheep Chase/Aitas medīšanas piedzīvojumi in 2004. Dance, dance, dance/ Dejo, dejo, dejo followed in 2008. Both were translated by Ingūna Beķere. The same year Hard-Bolied Wonderland.../ Skarbā brīnumzeme un pasaules gals in Inese Avana's translation also appeared. These were followed by Kafka on the Shore/Kafka liedagā (2012), 1Q84 (2012-13),  Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki.../Bezkrāsu Cukuru Tadzaki un viņa svētceļnieka gadi  (2014) and What I Think About When I Think About Running/Par ko es runāju, runādams par skriešanu (2015), all translated by Ingūna Beķere. 

The Strange Library/Savādā bibliotēka in Ingūna Beķere's translation appeared this year. 
I am grateful for all this information to Ms. Una Orinska from Zvaigzne ABC.