Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Greek, Icelandic and Croatian Translations of Tsukuru Tazaki

I have previously failed to note three new translations of Tsukuru Tazaki, all from last year.

The first is the Icelandic translation by Ingunn Snædal published by Bjartur.

The second one is the Croatian translation, which came out in November 2004 from Vuković & Runjić. The translator, Maja Šoljan, has translated a number of Murakami novels; her Croatian translation of After Dark, titled Kak padne mrak, won the 2009 Kiklop Prize for the "translation of the year." However, since she also seems to translate extensively from English (Jeffrey Eugenides, Alice Munro, Philip Roth, etc.), it is not clear whether the translation of After Dark was a direct translation from Japanese or an indirect translation from English. I have contacted the publisher and am waiting for their reply. 

The third new translation of Tsukuru Tazaki is the Greek version by Maria Argyraki, which appeared last October from Psychologios.


  1. Hi, I am Maja Šoljan, Murakami's translator into Croatian. I've translated his books indirectly, from English, but also extensively using German translations whenever possible - I think they are excellent. I have also translated the 1q84 trilogy, and I have read your very interesting essay on that which I found very useful. Otherwise I translate from English.

  2. Dear Maja, Thank you for your comment and all the info! I have let the German translator know that you like her translations.:)