Tuesday, April 22, 2014

French and Finnish Covers

The French and Finnish covers of Tsukuru Tazaki translations were released on Curtis Brown website.  The Finnish translation is already available for preorder, but the French Amazon site only offers the English and German language editions so far.
Here is what the two covers will look like:

According to the entry on the page of the Finnish publisher, Tammi the Finnish version of Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki is the first translation of a Haruki Murakami's work from the original Japanese. The translator is Raisa Porrasmaa, a scholar, writer and translator living in Japan. As is clear from the cover, the Finnish title does not use the name "Tsukuru Tazaki," but it simply calls refers to a "colorless man." Another page on the publisher's site refers to the fact that a considerable part of the book takes part in Finland, Helsinki and Hämeenlinna, which will no doubt generate additional interest in Finland. 
Both language versions are to appear in September. 

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