Thursday, January 16, 2014

More on the Dutch Translation Release

James Westerhoven, the Dutch translator of Tsukuru Tazaki kindly sent me this information about the Dutch release:

"The publicity manager of Atlas Contact officially confirmed that the first Dutch printing of Tsukuru Tazaki was 20,000 copies and the second 10,000 (one week before the book appeared). Apparently they are already preparing a third printing, although he didn’t mention the number of copies. That doesn’t necessarily mean the first two print runs have sold out already, but that they want to keep the book available in case the book stores order more.

And here is a link to a Dutch newspaper. It shows 47 photographs taken at the Amsterdam Comedy Theatre, one of the sites of the Murakami Festival. Over the photo, to the right, you see two active links “vorige” (previous) and “volgende” (following/next). The whole series gives a good idea of what the evening was like. The Festival was held at 15 different sites, but later in the evening everyone (some 500 guests) got together at the Theatre until 4 AM.

Here are two pictures from the series. The rest can be seen on the page linked above.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this blog! I just finished reading Tsukuru Tazaki last night (in Dutch), and I'm glad to see the different national publications all listed here. Can you maybe explain why the English translations are being published so late? It's something I'd really like to know.
    Love the information and the colourful (!) front pages on the (seemingly) colourless life of Mr Tsukuru.
    Keep up the good work!