Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sold Out "Murakami Festival" to Mark the Release of Tsukuru Tazaki in Holland on January 12

The  official release of Tsukuru Tazaki in Holland will begin on January 11 with a "Murakami Festival" organized in collaboration with the literary magazine Das Magazine, which announced the event with a very cool poster and a YouTube clip. The book will officially go on sale the following day, since January 12th will be Murakami's 65th birthday. The publisher is Atlas Contact and the translator is James Westerhoven.

According to the publisher's page, the event will consist of 15 reading club discussions about the new book, with 150 spectators.  500 participants received a book one month before its official release. Discussions will take place in different venues and later all the participants will meet during a great celebration at the Comedy Theater in Amsterdam.  Tickets for the event, which went on sale on November 11,  have been sold out!

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