Monday, May 19, 2014

"Dinner with Murakami" in Poland

As part of a promotional campaign for the Polish translation of the two first novels by Haruki Murakami -- known by their English titles as Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball, 1973 -- a "dinner with Murakami" will take place in almost thirty Polish towns and cities. Readers can reserve tables and opt for one of two "Murakami Set" menus. The menus were inspired by Murakami's writings and put together by Marta Gessler, a chef in the cult Warsaw restaurant, Qchnia Artystyczna.

Set 1 offers "Summer Rolls Tsukuru Tazaki," which are described as follows: "Transparent Summer Rolls in rice paper: with avocado, chicken, riced noodles and vegetables." These are said to be "Rolls colorless as Tsukuru Tazaki.  Only seemingly so." Other dishes were inspired by All God's Children Can Dance, Kafka on the Shore, and After Dark.

The Facebook page advertising the multi-city event has a list of 27 participating restaurants all over Poland and calls "dinner with Murakami" the biggest culinary/cultural event in Poland.

The new book, a single volume consisting of two short novels, will be included as a gift to all customers one day before its official release on May 21st.

The promotion team working for Murakami's Polish publisher is clearly getting quite creative:  First the book vending machines at train stations, now a "dinner with Murakami..."!

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