Thursday, April 11, 2013

Colorless? Faded? Colorblind [!]?

Another announcement with Murakami's comment about the new book:

"Since ‘1Q84’ was a story like a roller coaster, I wanted to write something slightly different. But I didn’t know what it would be like until I actually started writing." 

Soon after the announcement of the title the first efforts to translate it into English began to appear. Among these were The Colorless [Faded, Color-Blind] Tsukuru Tazaki and the Year of His Pilgrimage. Facebook discussion about whether it should be Tazaki or Tasaki, "Year" or "Years" followed.  

村上春樹さん新作は「色彩を持たない多崎つくると、彼の巡礼の年」 4月12日発売

2013.3.15 11:48 雑誌・書籍

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